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My Home-Based Studio

My massage therapy treatments focus on the well-being of your body, mind and soul. I am Jan Zubiaga and completed the program at Alberta College of Massage Therapy, Fort McMurray branch. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and associated with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and offer direct billing. I practice various types of massage therapy, such as Swedish/Relaxation massage, Prenatal massage, Child/Youth massage, Seniors massage and Therapeutic massage. These include techniques such as deep tissue, deep stretching, pressure point techniques, hot stones and sport massage. I am striving for the better lives and health of my every client. I based my therapy on the healing of the mind and body with a therapeutic massage tailored to what your body needs to restore health and function, as well as incorporate relaxation techniques to decrease stress and ease the mind. My HOME-BASED studio is located at 280 Lindstrom Crescent, Fort McMurray, Alberta.

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Mobile Therapeutic Massage


Mobile massage also commonly known as home massage refers to the on-demand model where a fully qualified massage therapist comes to your home, office, or otherwise for the appointment. Why Choose Mobile Massage? Reasons: Comfort, convenience, lack of transportation, health-related reasons, caretakers and simply they want to!

How To Book A Mobile Therapeutic Massage?

*PLEASE NOTE* If you require a massage appointment, or if your preferred time(s) is not available, feel free to send a text message or call and I can arrange an appointment for you. There may be an opportunity to find a customary time that may suit your schedule.  There are also last-minute cancellation appointments that may accommodate you.


What to expect from your Mobile Therapeutic massage?

If you’ve never treated yourself to a mobile massage before, here are some things you can expect from your session: 

  • Once we confirm our appointment time, I will send an online client intake form for you to fill out in advance.  This will provide basic information about the treatment and relay any past issues or injuries, medication, contraindications and personal information to our transaction.  You will sign the intake and consent form.

  • The practitioner should also notify the client of their fees and acceptable forms of payment.

  • Expect your therapist to arrive around 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time to set up the massage table and any additional supplies needed for your treatment. Most clients provide a large enough space available in their house and the general size for a massage table is around 7x3 ft, so depending on the technique used, a clearance of approximately 2 ft will be needed around the table.


  • Clients should also provide access to a sink for handwashing and instructions for parking if needed

  • Each business may have its own guidelines for appointments, so the client should review and follow any instructions provided by the practitioner prior to their appointment.


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